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A note from Alexis

Yes, I am the one that tried to bake the Adventure Series :

But that I guess should have been the start of the first Adventure.  Go Kitchen...All i see here is an oven a sink a counter . Look Oven A scream is heard as the oven opens. EEEk its Mr Adams  Screaming oh no my disks Allllllllllllexis 

I helped create  Adventure two. Scott and I wrote that together. I learned how to use the editor for the language Scott had designed and went on to write Adventure #4 Voodoo Castle. I also partially wrote  #7 Mystery Fun House. I was cranky and pregnant around that time so Scott took it midstream while I gave birth to our second Child Aria. I also  negotiated a license for Buckaroo Bonzai and we wrote an adventure to go with it. Then there was Marvel Comics as well . Scott wrote the Comics for them and the Adventure. Yes I'm still involved in the computer business. I have a firm called Paradise Online. We do web Page Hosting. I also sell Computer Hardware & Software,Videos and such. We also have a staff that designs web Pages, Builds Networks and repairs and custom builds computers and Networks.

* This is an email that Alexis sent me back in 1998


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