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What is Adventure? (Note from Scott Adams)

Adventure is a style of game that puts the player in a environment and then allows them to manipulate objects to accomplish an objective. In many cases the actual objective of the game may not be even clear when the player starts.

The original Adventure game was written for a DEC computer by two college students Crowther and Woods. In 1978 I had the opportunity to play this game and was fascinated by the concept. I wrote my first adventure game AdventureLand for the Radio Shack TRS-80 model I computer ( 16k of memory, a Z80 processor, and a cassette drive) in the same year.

I wrote a series of Adventures for my company Adventure International.

Adventure International from 1978 to about 1984. The series was written for the many different platforms of the day, Atari, Commodore, Sorcerer, TI, CPM etc. I had versions that were all text and others that that were graphical and even some with animations. During the big down turn of the industry of the mid 1980's (remember $1,000 TI computers being sold for $50?) my company went bankrupt and I moved on. For the last nine years I've been working at Avista, Inc (Formerly Insight Industries, Inc) in Platteville, Wisconsin as a senior programmer. Please note any programmers out there: Avista is hiring! Please contact me for more information on a high tech job in a small town with all benefits of that life style!

Currently I am working on a revival of Adventure using a new full sentence input processor I've developed. Due to limited time and resources it will written for just one platform, a PC running Windows 95. The game is called "Return to Pirate's Island". I'm currently working on an enhanced version that will have music and graphics if things go well. Sorry for the delay but I'm trying to put out something I'll be proud of, and you'll enjoy playing.


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