Mountain Valley Software was one of the early home grown Australian software producers, based in Victoria, they produced a number of text / graphic adventure games for the Commodore 64 and Spectra-Video home computers between 1984 - 1986.

Each of these adventures have the standard two-word entry, keyboard graphics, very limited location description, a limited vocabulary and each is written in BASIC. Then, you may ask, what is so special about Mountain Valley Software adventure games? For a start, Mountain Valley must have the neatest screen presentation ever seen in adventure games. The screen is split up into three parts.

  1. Location descriptions consisting of name of place, object visible and exits available.

  2. A very neat graphic representation of the location. The graphics are so good you would not believe they were just Commodore keyboard graphics!

  3. Command entry section, displaying any messages etc.

Although the vocabulary is very small, the programmer has selected words commonly used in adventure games, and the error message doesn't appear that often during the game.

All the problems faced by the adventurer, although hard, require just common sense, and can be solved easily with a bit of thought.

All Mountain Valley games feature lots of humour to relax the player during those tense moments in the game.

The main thing that makes the adventure games so good is that they are easy to solve, you won't find yourself spending months on end trying to crack these adventures. Because the adventure is easy, it prevents the adventurer from giving up too quickly. The neat screen presentation makes game play very enjoyable, and encourages the adventurer to keep coming back for more.

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