Planetoid action

The start of 2020 has been hugely productive, first, we released Batty for the Mac which had been a work in progress for a number of years but shelved due to other more pressing development and now we’ve released Planetoids for the Mac which has been out for a couple of weeks now and being downloaded all over the world.

This week we release a major update for Planetoids for iOS, where we have incorporated all the new designs from the Mac release plus a few extras just for mobile users.

Batty is back

It’s been far too long but over the past couple of months I’ve been working away on a new version of Batty for the Mac. Originally released a few years ago for Android phones this new version has been completely rewritten from the ground up.

Batty running on a MacBook Air

Batty is about 90% complete, runs fast and has been tested on a number of different Macs and monitor sizes.

Batty for MacOS has now been released.

A bit of fun

Took a break from studying and coding updates for Sky Invaders to work on a little HTML 5 title for the ClickFusion Academy August 2018 competition. With limited time and a set theme, I commence having some fun.

My entry into the competition is called “Shep’s Alien Defence” and is set on the island of Peace and Friendship. A place that Shep calls home.

It is your mission to control Shep as he attempts to rid the island of alien invaders and capture five magical alien eggs before the 30-second timer runs out and the island is overrun with aliens.

With two levels, the first on the stunning beaches and the second set up in the snow-covered peaks of the P&F mountains.

Shep’s Alien Defence!

Goodbye Windows Phone

Alphaworks has been a long time supporter of the Windows Phones since version 7.0 and has released a number of games including the smash hit Sky Invaders which has been popular around the world for the past four years and while I have really enjoyed creating for this platform it would now appear the end is here.

Well, I suppose it’s kind of official now (based on an article on the BBC Technology site) that Microsoft is giving up on Windows 10 phones. I know this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been using a Windows 10 Phone as the rumors have been circulating for well over a year now and finding handset has become increasingly harder in recent months.

Earlier this year I started working on another Windows Phone title, a remake of the all-time classic game of Snake but unfortunately, it’s not quite complete as yet. With a little luck, I’ll try to get this out by Christmas so anyone interested can download and enjoy for free the last Alphaworks Windows Phone game.

If you haven’t already downloaded our WIndows Phone games this might be a good opportunity to do so. Click Here for more details.


The last C64 Cartridge

There is no way I would have thought way back in 1987 when I first designed and manufactured cartridge boards for the Commodore 64 that 30 years later the very last revision three 8K boards would be sold.

It’s hard to imagine that there is still such great interest in a 35-year-old computer and that people in 2017 would be making games and putting them cartridge format, but they still are.

While the cartridge board and design changed a little over time, the latest revision three board designed in 2003 was by far the most popular.

While revision three boards are still readily available through various distributors in the UK, USA, and Australia, Alphaworks will no longer be making them.

So congratulations Max B. on being the proud owner of the very last genuine Alphaworks c64 cartridge board.


Alphaworks 8K cartridge board for the Commodore 64. 30 years of production.

Task List (free)

I had an hour free the other day so decided to create a simple Task List application for Windows which I could leave open all the time (small in size) and that would allow me to add tasks, show that they were completed and remove them it required.

If I get an hour free I’ll add the ability to email the list or print it out.

Version 1.0 is now available for free and can be downloaded here.

Sky Invaders for the MAC

Sky Invaders has made it’s way to yet another platform, this time its been release for the Macintosh and is freely available via the link at the bottom of this post.

While I’ve been busy for a few weeks now converting Sky Invaders for the iOS making it 64bit compliant in readiness for the upcoming iOS11 release in September I took the opportunity to move the code over to the Mac and release Alphaworks first Mac game.

I’ve submitted it for release via the Mac App Store but while I wait for the approvals to happen you can Download here

Sky Invaders iOS 11 ready

My oldest mobile app Sky Invaders turns five in October (having first being released for the iPhone on the 12th October 2012) and since that time I’ve been able to release the Sky Invaders on Android and Windows Phone (yes, Windows Phone).

In the past five years Sky Invaders has been downloaded approximately 40,000 times from game players in 192 countries which is simply mind-blowing to me. Now the iOS version really hasn’t been touched since October 2012, the same code has been in place and working well since the very beginning but it our time for change or as Apple puts “your 32 bit app will no longer work once iOS 11 is release later this year”.

over the past few weeks I’ve been getting familiar with the original source code again, and while I made comments in the code and it was easy to see what each function and procedure does I was amazed just how much I’ve changed in the way I now code (much cleaner than five years ago).

So I now have a choice to make while taking Sky Invaders 32 bit and making it 64 bit for iOS 11. Should I keep the code the same or should I make some changes,improve areas of the code and tidy up?

Part of me wants to just re-compile and move on but another part wants to re-write. What I’ll do I’m not sure but I’ve got a couple of weeks to decide so we’ll have to wait and see.

Progress at last

For all who have noticed the coming now message on our Mac page for the past few years but never any signs of development or progress, we’ve got some good news.

Work has started on converting Planetoids to run on the Mac and making it available from the Mac App Store. The game is 95% complete and we’ve been testing and fine tuning controls for a few months now and can hardly wait to get it out the door.

Coming in 2017 for the Mac!