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Wave after wave… The Invaders keep coming marching left and right across the night sky, going faster and faster as they get closer to earth. As the last Sky Fighter, your mission is to destroy as many Invaders as possible but your firepower is limited and the Invaders are endless. Score as many points as possible by shooting Invader after Invader, the higher the rank the more points scored. Visit Windows Phone Store



PlanetoidsWindowsPhone PLANETOIDS
While traveling through space on a mission of utmost importance, your Sky Fighter Mark II intergalactic cruiser is bombarded by Meteors, Asteroids, and baby planets and not to mention space junk. Using all your skills as a Sky Fighter, you must shoot and destroy each of these elements making sure that they don’t make contact with your ship. Your Sky Fighter is equipped with thruster rockets that enable you to turn left and right at extreme speed; this along with your photon laser will blast all in front of it to pieces. Thruster Rockets are available by pushing up on the red button will move your ship forward at great speed but controlling you left, and right movements become quite difficult. Visit Windows Phone Store

Control your paddle, use cat-like reflexes and smash those bricks. Move your paddle left and right and bounce the falling ball into the bricks. Visit Windows Phone Store






Fly BATTY on an endless journey through caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites making sure you avoid hitting them!! Visit Windows Phone Store