Software History

I began coding way back in the early days of home computers on a Commodore VIC-20 (circa 1982). I had my first experience writing a program in BASIC on an APPLE II a few years prior as well as a short stint on a Commodore PET. But it was the VIC-20 that got me hooked.

Since those early days, I’ve written tens of thousands of lines of code on a wide verity of computers and languages, but I’m still very fond of the Commodore BASIC V2 and 6502 ASSEMBLER code from that time.

While I publish a handful of games for the VIC-20, it was the C64 and later the C128 that I produced many products. From games to utilities and everything in between.

These computers were extremely limited by today’s standards, with 64K RAM and only 16 colours, slow tape, and disk drives but fantastic machines nonetheless.

Commodore 64
The good old Commodore 64 was king of the 80’s home computer especially in Australia, and during its time at the top of the market, I produced a massive number programs for it, from text adventures to text/graphics adventure, action, and arcade games and productivity.

Below highlights just a few examples.

Commodore 64 graphic/text adventure game

Sunken Treasure Text Adventure C64

GOSTERM C64 Terminal Program

Mercury BBS for C64