Goodbye Windows Phone

Alphaworks has been a long time supporter of the Windows Phones since version 7.0 and has released a number of games including the smash hit Sky Invaders which has been popular around the world for the past four years and while I have really enjoyed creating for this platform it would now appear the end is here.

Well, I suppose it’s kind of official now (based on an article on the BBC Technology site) that Microsoft is giving up on Windows 10 phones. I know this won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been using a Windows 10 Phone as the rumors have been circulating for well over a year now and finding handset has become increasingly harder in recent months.

Earlier this year I started working on another Windows Phone title, a remake of the all-time classic game of Snake but unfortunately, it’s not quite complete as yet. With a little luck, I’ll try to get this out by Christmas so anyone interested can download and enjoy for free the last Alphaworks Windows Phone game.

If you haven’t already downloaded our WIndows Phone games this might be a good opportunity to do so. Click Here for more details.


The last C64 Cartridge

There is no way I would have thought way back in 1987 when I first designed and manufactured cartridge boards for the Commodore 64 that 30 years later the very last revision three 8K boards would be sold.

It’s hard to imagine that there is still such great interest in a 35-year-old computer and that people in 2017 would be making games and putting them cartridge format, but they still are.

While the cartridge board and design changed a little over time, the latest revision three board designed in 2003 was by far the most popular.

While revision three boards are still readily available through various distributors in the UK, USA, and Australia, Alphaworks will no longer be making them.

So congratulations Max B. on being the proud owner of the very last genuine Alphaworks c64 cartridge board.


Alphaworks 8K cartridge board for the Commodore 64. 30 years of production.