Sky Invaders Version 2.0

Well it’s been a few months now since our last update on the progress of Sky Invaders Version 2.0 that I thought it’s time to explain what we’ve been up to.

Sky Invaders has reached over 25,000 downloads across Windows Phone, iPhone and Android platforms since it’s initial release way back in October 2012. In that time we’ve made a number of updates on the various platforms but that has put us into a odd situation. We now have three variations of Sky Invaders out there with the Windows Phone version being very different to the iOS and Android.

So to fix this we’ve been hard at work redesigning and producing Sky Invaders version 2.0, new features, challenge stages and sound effects but most importantly we have made sure that all three version will have the same game play.

Windows Phone is now in beta and should be ready for release in April, with work already on the way for both iOS and Android which we hope to release in May and June.