I’ve made some good progress tonight on Mega Invaders (Windows Phone version). Fully debugged the levels 1 – 3 and shorted out the online High Score posting.

Some minor tweaks on level 3 alien movement and I also need to fix a bug in level 4 end of level bonus score, so not long to go and it will be ready for release.


New Retro title on its way

New Mega Blaster Game

New Mega Blaster Game

I’ve been busy making progress on our latest Retro title called Mega Blaster. At this stage, I’m hoping to have it available for Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Android devices by mid 2016

Featuring multiple levels of play, classic 80’s style graphics and great sound.

Brick Buster launched

BrickBusterDeluxeWindowsPhoneLaunched on the 12th July 2015 Brick Buster is now available for Android (via Google Play), Amazon Fire (via the Amazon App Store), Windows Phone (via Microsoft Store) and iOS devices via the Apple AppStore.


Tonight we submitted Planetoids for Android to both the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. So all going well both stores will approved in the next few days.

So just a quick update. Both Google Play and Amazon App Stores approved Planetoids and it is now available for free download on Android.

Planetoids progress

We’ve put in another few hours tonight working through a handful of minor bugs found during play testing. Only one little bug to go and we’ll be ready for the Google Play Store and all fingers crossed everything will be up in early May.


Amazon App Store

Today we’ve submitted our mega popular Sky Invaders to Amazon for approval in their App store and with a bit of luck it will be available FIRE OS users to enjoy very soon.

Just a quick update that Sky Invaders is now fully available on the Amazon App Store and ready for Fire OS users to download for free to play. Enjoy.


Planetoids for Android

We’re hard at work finishing off Planetoids V2.0 for Android tablets and phones. We’ve improved graphics, sound and gameplay for the next major update to Planetoids, and we think you’ll love it.



Sky Invaders 2.0 released

We are pleased to announce that this afternoon our new and exciting upgraded version of Sky Invaders is now available for free download from the Windows Phone store.

This major update and includes some minor improvements to the joystick controls along with two great new features. These being three awesome bonus challenge stages with new Alien Invaders patterns and an online high score table so you can see how good you are.

Android and Apple iOS versions coming very soon.