Sky Invaders 2.0 released

This afternoon the all new and exciting version of our much loved and enjoyed mobile app Sky Invaders has been successfully released for Windows Phone.

This is is a major update and including some minor improvements to the joystick controls along with two great new features, these being three awesome bonus challenge stages with various Alien Invader patterns and other being an online high score table where you can submit your high score and compare against others.

Android and Apple iOS versions coming very soon.

Sky Invaders Version 2.0

Well it’s been a few months now since our last update on the progress of Sky Invaders Version 2.0 that I thought it’s time to explain what we’ve been up to.

Sky Invaders has reached over 25,000 downloads across Windows Phone, iPhone and Android platforms since it’s initial release way back in October 2012. In that time we’ve made a number of updates on the various platforms but that has put us into a odd situation. We now have three variations of Sky Invaders out there with the Windows Phone version being very different to the iOS and Android.

So to fix this we’ve been hard at work redesigning and producing Sky Invaders version 2.0, new features, challenge stages and sound effects but most importantly we have made sure that all three version will have the same game play.

Windows Phone is now in beta and should be ready for release in April, with work already on the way for both iOS and Android which we hope to release in May and June.

A few weeks off

To all our players out there who have taken the time to download our games for Windows Phone, Andriod, iPhone and iPad we like to wish you and your families a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.

We are going to close down our development for the next six weeks to take a break and refresh ready for a full on 2014 where we’ve got a number of great little games and some improvement to our already established titles.

Our support services will still be available you is you’ve got any questions please ask.

Sky Invaders gets new joystick controls

Sky Invaders for Windows Phone with new and improved joystick controls has been submitted to Microsoft tonight. Thanks everyone for the feedback and we’re sure you’ll find the changes make for better game play.

Work will now start on updating iPhone / iPad and Android version to take advantage of these changes in game play.

Sky Invaders – 11,000 downloads

In less than a month Sky Invaders for windows Phone reaches 11,000 downloads. Thats more than our iPhone / iPad and Android version combined. We have also received some great feedback and we’ll be looking into improvements to the touch controls to make the game better to play.

Sky Invaders for Windows Phone

Sky Invaders for Windows Phone