Progress at last

For all who have noticed the coming now message on our Mac page for the past few years but never any signs of development or progress, we’ve got some good news.

Work has started on converting Planetoids to run on the Mac and making it available from the Mac App Store. The game is 95% complete and we’ve been testing and fine tuning controls for a few months now and can hardly wait to get it out the door.

Coming in 2017 for the Mac!


No longer forgotten

It’s been almost 4 years since we originally published Planetoids for the iPad and in that time it’s been semi-successful but nothing major but I’d always planned to do some updates and improve the gameplay but simply never got around to it.

Well, late last month Apple contact me about Planetoids and gave me a few good reasons to sit down and implement all the improvements that were designed but not coded back in 2013 and the results have been fantastic, much better gameplay and sound; I’ve also implemented the Game Centre High Score Table and lastly it now runs on iPhones as well.

So tonight the final V2.0.2 build was submitted to Apple for approval and with a little luck Planetoids will be up and available by the weekend.

Milestone reached

Sky Invaders 25,000 downloads

It’s taken a couple of years but Sky Invaders for Windows Phone has reached a milestone with over 25,000 downloads from well over 100 different countries.

I couldn’t be happier that our first release which was initially on the iPhone and later made available for Android and Windows Phone has been so popular and we have received much positive feedback.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, played and we hope enjoyed.



Retro cartridges

I was delighted to see that Alphaworks was mentioned in a great new book on the world’s best-selling home computer, the Commodore 64. In a section detailing cartridges and the different eras, Alphaworks received a good mention for bringing the cartridge format back to life in the early 2000’s.

Anyone interested in the C64 should do themselves a favor and grab a copy of the book.

Sky Invaders turns 4

Sky Invaders 4th anniversary

It’s hard to believe that my first mobile game was released four years ago this week. What simply started out as a short term goal to learn to code and release a game for my iPhone certainly didn’t stop there.

In the past four years over 30,000 people have downloaded, played and hopefully enjoyed Sky Invaders which is now available for Android and Windows Phone as well as the iPad and iPhone.

Now while this week marks the 4th anniversary of Sky Invaders it also marks the release of my 5th mobile game called Batty TAP which I hope will also be enjoyed by many.

So a big thank you for all who downloaded, played and given feedback.

Batty TAP new release

Batty TAPBatty Game

We’ve released another game for Android phones and tablets based on Flappy Bird but of course way better, well we think so.

Batty TAP simply works the same way as Flappy but this time you’re deep inside a cave system and Batty has to make his way under stalactites and over stalagmites without hitting any in order to score points.

It’s free and available from the Google Play Store today if you want to download and have some fun.

Batty TAP will also be available for Amazon Fire tablets and Windows Phones later this week and the iOS versions should be out next month or at the latest by Christmas.

If you enjoy it please give us a rating and leave a review, we would really appreciate them.

Download today from theĀ Google Play Store


Mega Invaders new release


Mega Invadersimg_1527

The long awaited sequel to our most popular mobile game Sky Invaders has been released for Windows Phone. After almost four years we have taken all the feedback from our many players on how to make the player controls better, including adding additional game levels and various new aliens and put it all together in Mega Invaders.

We plan to release Mega Invaders for Android, Amazon Fire and iOS devices over the coming months so keep watching for updates.

New game ratings

Game Ratings

In June this year all currently released Alphaworks games for mobile devices were awarded an IARC rating certificate making them suitable for all ages.

Progress report Mega Invaders


Over the past few nights I’ve made some great progress on Mega Invaders (Windows Phone version) having managed to fully debugged the levels 1 – 3 and shorted out the online High Score posting.

I’ve improved game play by making some minor tweaks on the level 3 alien movement and I also died an annoying bug in level 4 end of level bonus score routine which means it will be ready for release soon.


Brick Buster new release

BrickBusterDeluxeWindowsPhoneBn game

Launched on the 12th July 2015 Brick Buster is now available for Android (via Google Play), Amazon Fire (via the Amazon App Store), Windows Phone (via Microsoft Store) and iOS devices via the Apple AppStore.

Brick Buster is based on the all time classic arcade game called Breakout but with some enhancements to the paddle movement which allows you to tilt you paddle to force the ball to go faster and at a different angle.